Prince Pieter-Christiaan

Pieter-Christiaan Michiel, Prince of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven, was born in Nijmegen on 22 March 1972. The Prince has three brothers: Prince Maurits, born in 1968, Prince Bernhard, born in 1969, and Prince Floris, born in 1975.


Prins Pieter-Christiaan, 2008 © RVD, foto: Frank van Beek

In 1990 Prince Pieter-Christiaan gained his VWO (pre-university education) certificate at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Apeldoorn. He performed his military service with the Royal Military and Border Police from November 1990 to January 1991. At his own request, the Prince spent seven months longer in military service than is usual, staying on until July 1992.

In 1999 Prince Pieter-Christiaan was awarded a law degree from Utrecht University. In the autumn of 2003 he completed a one-year MBA course at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marriage and family

Prince Pieter-Christiaan married Anita van Eijk in Apeldoorn on 25 August 2005. The marriage was blessed on 27 August 2005 in the Grote of St Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk. The couple have two children. Their daughter Emma (Emma Francisca Catharina) was born on 28 November 2006, and their son Pieter (Pieter Anton Maurits Erik) on 19 November 2008. The family lives in Noordwijk.


In early 2010 Prince Pieter-Christiaan was appointed CEO of AGT Netherlands.
From 1999 to 2002 he worked for ABN AMRO Rothschild in London, and in 2004 for the ICT company Shopservices in Amsterdam. From 2004 to 2009 he worked for the Directorate of Operations of the Royal Military and Border Police. He left the service in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The Prince is still a Royal Military and Border Police reservist.