Toespraak van Koning Willem-Alexander tijdens de lunch met voorzitter Senaat en voorzitter Lagerhuis, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

De toespraak is uitgesproken in het Engels.

Mr Speaker,
Mr Speaker,
ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for your warm welcome, here in the democratic heart of Canada. We are delighted to be joining you at Parliament Hill. Here, you stood firm when Canada's democratic values were under attack last October.

Nous regrettons l'absence aujourd'hui de l'honorable Pierre-Claude Nolin, Président du Sénat, qui est décédé le mois dernier.
Nos pensées vont à son épouse et à sa famille.

The Netherlands feels a strong bond with Canada.
We are here to celebrate the close friendship between Canada and the Netherlands with you.
To honour the brave Canadians to whom we owe our freedom.
And to work on our common future.   

Please raise your glasses with me.
To this proud and beautiful nation.
To the freedom we share.
And to the friendship between Canada and the Netherlands.